Shih Tzu Rescue of Central WI
Tender Paws Program

We created the Tender Paws program shortly after Spade‚Äôs came to our rescue with CHF (congestive heart failure) and lung cancer.  This program is for Shih-Tzu of any age who are terminally ill as long as there is quality of life.  While in the foster home they live as a member of the family and receive all necessary medical care which is determined by the president of the rescue and our vet, they will also receive a special diet if needed and all the love they could ask for.  The dogs in this program are not available for adoption, they will remain in their foster home until they pass or they no longer have quality of life and the best decision is to euthanize.    

We are not able to take more than one dog into this program at a time as medical care is usually expensive and the dog holds a spot in the rescue that could be used for others.  We do not always have room for these dogs as they can quickly deplete the rescue funds and it is emotionally draining for the foster family.  If any dog that is already in our care develops a terminal condition they will automatically receive a spot in the program.  Any questions about the program can be sent to the President of the rescue by e-mail