Shih Tzu Rescue of Central WI
Spades lived his life in a barn until he came to rescue on October 8, 2011.  He enjoyed the comforts of living in a home, playing with toys and interacting with the other dogs.  Just a week after he arrived he began coughing, a trip to the vet confirmed he was in active congestive heart failure.  Spades was put on medication for his heart, at his recheck two weeks later we discovered he also had lung cancer.  He had good days and bad days while we increased and decreased medications to find what would work best and by the end of November he was doing very well, his coughing fits were rare and he played and ran in the yard all the time.

On December 24th Spades began to have wheezing as if he were having a hard time breathing, the next day was better and we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.  The next morning the wheezing was worse and we made an appointment to see the vet late that afternoon.  After a short exam it was apparent that his breathing was strained and there was really nothing more that could be done.  At 5pm on December 26th Spades passed away peacefully in my arms.

Our foster dogs are only meant to stay here while waiting for their forever homes, those of us who knew Spades were lucky enough to meet such a tender soul.  With everything he went through he was always patient, he was never grumpy toward anybody.  Spades’ forever home was not what we had hoped for him but he is no longer suffering and that is all any of us could ask for.  Rest in peace sweet Spades, we will never forget you, we never could.