Shih Tzu Rescue of Central WI

Lily came to us from Milwaukee Animal Control on September 11, 2010.  She was a tiny little girl suffering from pneumonia and refused to eat, she had to be force-fed for several days.  After finishing her antibiotics she got better and we were able to have her spayed and brought up to date on her shots, she began running around happily and asking for snuggles. 

Lily began to have seizures occasionally when waking, it wasn’t often just once every week to ten days, they were short and seemed to be brought on by stress so she would need a quiet home.  We were able to find just that for our Lily and they were coming to get her October 30th.   Suddenly on Tuesday, October 26th Lily began snapping and squealing in pain if we touched her.  After two days of tests at the vet they discovered she had pancreatitis and prescribed a week of antibiotics and pain meds, her seizures were seeming to come a little more frequently but still only once or twice a week.  Lily was not well enough to travel to her new home so she would have to wait another week.

On November 3rd she finished her medication but still didn’t seem completely better so the vet prescribed another week and then we would re-check her.  Poor Lily was in a great deal of pain but still loved to get her snuggles each night and would give kisses, such a sweet little girl. Again her seizures increased to every other day and over the weekend daily.  The morning of Sunday, November 7th Lily had one final seizure and closed her eyes forever.  She touched many of us in those two months and we are all deeply saddened by her passing but grateful that we were able to give her a good home and loving foster family during her struggle.  Rest in peace little Lily, we will never forget you.