Shih Tzu Rescue of Central WI
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1.  Gas cards for Kwik Trip, Mobil, or BP - Our volunteers drive 90-180 miles for each dog we bring in, some would be willing to go farther if we could help with fuel costs.

2.  Dog food Taste of The Wild High Prairie formula - The rescue dogs consume 30 lbs of dry food every two weeks with an annual expense of over $1,000.00.

3.  Big dog beds - our dogs like to snuggle up together on something soft

4.  Toys - State license requires that dogs have play things for inanimate enrichment. Many have little or no experience with toys and tend to ruin them.  We need approximately 300 toys each year.

5.   Mesh harnesses size small or medium - we would like to be able to send a harness along when our friends go to their new home but at this time it is not possible.

Please e-mail Rhonda @ if you need an address for shipping.